Romantic Outdoor Shoot location for Pre wedding,Album song & Textile shoot in Mumbai India in a very cost effective format and convenient location

Who we are?

We’re a group of passionate young people – wedding photographers, cinematographers, designers & editors working together to create beautiful masterpieces. We all work with dedication to set new benchmark for our selves, every single day. We love our work. We actually love weddings and enjoy each new assignment, as we get it.

It’s not about us, is it? Focus City Studio is really about YOU! You've waited your whole life for this day, so why not capture it for a lifetime. We have an easy going and fun-loving group of photographers & cinematographers with the flare for seeing the fun and excitement in your wedding. Accepting a limited number of Picture Perfect weddings each year, we bring that special attention to your day, and provide beautifully crafted photography & cinematography.

What we use?

Our artist creates photos for your precious and good memories. The Focus City is you’re snapshot expert with a team of focused photographers, artist and sketch. From, photograph, portrayal to description and statue we have all for you. A well stabilized workshop with professional room, studio, light and camera. Our pictures are depiction of the creativity. We always try to capture our special moments, how amazing is it when someone does it for you and present in well framed figure. Where brush is the master of art likewise workspace is the key of splendid images and pictures, we just help creating a photocopy of your special moments. High quality cameras that accounts in creating impression on fight catch, with clear prints and reports. We are increasingly becoming part and puzzle of people’s wedding, companies and occasional routine.

Packages For Photography & Videography



Timing: 07:00 AM TO 01:00 PM / 02:00 PM TO 07:00 PM

Location Shoot


Timing: 07:00 AM TO 07:00 PM (Full Day)

Beach Shoot Packages


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Pre Wedding Shoot - Full Day
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Textile Fashion Shoots
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Commercial Product & Other Shoots
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Still Photography
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Wedding Shoot
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Any Event Shoot
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